Innovate was brought in to provide specific software engineering and development expertise to Truven Health Analytics.  They intended to develop a GIS desktop application that would replace a health legacy application that had been created using deprecated Esri objects. This application was designed to facilitate healthcare companies making data driven decisions that involve health care facility locations and a variety of census and other geospatial data. The initial application lacked critical functionality and desired performance requirements. Innovate identified the functionality needed and determined how to achieve by integrating modern technology solutions including Esri and .Net programming stack of objects to enhance mission and service delivery.


Innovate guided the selection of Esri desktop mapping products and truven imagecorresponding functionality.  Once the application selection phase was completed, Innovate! assisted in designing and debugging several application modules. The first module involved assisting with establishing an adequate server host environment, since the existing server provided by Truven was not compatible. Another module included creating efficient and fast data processing and storage methods in order to decrease user wait times. Innovate! assisted with functionality and programming tasks for user selections, labeling, and the editing of graphic elements. For the spatial analysis module, Innovate contributed best practices for performing hotspot and heat map analyses and code samples for displaying raster data.

Innovate also helped test and record map performance results of data services hosted by Esri. This resulted in identifying and resolving a map service bug experienced on Esri servers. Staff at Innovate! used a combination of fine-grained ArcObjects and standard .Net objects in supporting CSC tasks.


Truven Health Analytics