California Fires Rage On

Fires continue to rage on both ends of California, spreading with breakneck speed. Innovate’s GIS team is actively working on supporting the US EPA’s Region 9 Emergency Operations Center with its Esri ArcGIS Online Story map.  The GIS story map that Innovate! is working on is being used to quickly provide reports of facilities at risk on the ground.

News reports that there are three fires burning in California. These include the Camp, Woolsey and Hill Fires. The Emergency Operations Center at US EPA Region 9 is already using Innovate!’s GIS map to help provide the needed data for authorities to know which facilities are at risk.    One of the geoprocessing tools that was created during the Carr fire earlier this year, by Innovate! is also being used by the EPA with these fires.  The new story map and the previous Carr fire tool are being used to generate a list of facilities within the fire boundary.  The report also provides a list of facilities that are in the path of the fire within a 10-mile buffer of the fire boundary.
In the event that the fire spreads, EPA can quickly re-run the tool and have updated reports within minutes.

wildFires in california

Innovate! sends its support and hopes that all that have been affected by the fires are safe. Innovate! will continue offering their innovative solutions and tools to the EPA and local authorities as they battle these raging fires.