Innovate! Accounting System Approved by the DCAA for Government Contracting

Innovate is excited to announce that our accounting system is acceptable in accordance with the terms and conditions of DFARS 252.242-7006(c) and has been approved by the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). DCAA’s approval guarantees clients and the government of Innovate’s ability to accurately and responsibly manage a variety of contract types including cost reimbursable, firm-fixed price, and time and materials. DCAA’s approval is an important step to support the continued expansion of Innovate’s business with the federal government.

Innovate! Long Term Archive (LTA) Team Members Recognized for Mount St. Helens Work

Before the EROS Long Term Archive (LTA) program worked its scanning and archiving wizardry, Geologist Angie Diefenbach with the USGS’ Cascades Volcano Observatory (CVO) in Vancouver, WA, had thousands of spectacular Mount St. Helens images in her possession and no good way to share them.
Aerial scenes shot from airplanes and helicopters captured the cataclysmic aftermath of the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in the history of the United States. Yet 35 years later, virtually all of those images sat in film canisters or crammed into filing cabinets unseen and rarely used.
But no more.
Diefenbach went after and secured a National Geological and Geophysical Data Preservation grant to digitize and archive a mass collection that began with the eruption on May 18, 1980, and continued well into 1986. Then she sought out EROS for help in evaluating and scanning the film to preserve it and make it available to the public and science.

An aerial view of Mount St. Helens after the eruption.

Plenty of private firms could have done that work. “But EROS offered free life-time archiving, which was paramount to data preservation and the primary reason to have this work done, so data weren’t lost,” Diefenbach said.
From LTA’s perspective, this one-of-a-kind collection was no small assignment. After LTA Manager Ryan Longhenry and Diefenbach worked out financial arrangements for the job, 54 rolls of photography arrived at EROS, all of which had to be inspected, prepped, and catalogued into the LTA inventory data base by Ryan Bartels and Joan Amundsen.
Bonnie Knuteson and Gretta Nomansen (Innovate! Inc. employees) evaluated the color and black-and-white film rolls, which were tested for exposure and color balanced for an automated scanning process that would run throughout the work week and over the weekends, too. It pretty much ate up LTA’s ability to scan anything else for two, three months. File re-naming tools and processing scripts provided by Lindsey Wood (Innovate!) and Cindy Fuhs were essential to maximizing the data capture processing routines. Ultimately, 18,917 frames of photography were scanned.
It turned out that some rolls were difficult to automate because of poor quality and needed to be manually advanced. Lindsey evaluated the process and developed a tool that took the renaming step routine to a 98 percent faster method, and insured the correct naming convention was applied. Now it’s used on other production lines in the lab as well.
For all this, the LTA Mount St. Helens Project team under the guidance of task leads Max Borchardt (Innovate!) and Tim Smith earned a TSSC Team Award in the last recognition period.
While taking on scanning and archiving projects are commonplace for the LTA, doing one for hire does not happen all that frequently, said Smith, who is the LTA Data Management Task Lead. This assignment was also unusual in that LTA typically takes on these assignments with a full complement of geographic metadata for the imagery.
For most other LTA projects, “we are getting everything, so once it does hit EarthExplorer, anybody can geographically get at it, by zip code, by lat/long coordinates, bounding areas, all that good stuff, and it’s fully read to go,” Smith said. “This one hurts because it’s not.”
Diefenbach understands that the images in the archive now may be difficult for people to access without good geographic metadata to go with it. “Still working on a plan to index the imagery,” she said.
But beyond the preservation of these images, she is excited about the processing of this imagery using new photogrammetry techniques to create high-resolution digital elevation models (DEMs) that will provide quantitative time series of landscape changes at Mount St. Helens. That’s everything from measuring the lava dome growth to sediment and geomorphic responses in river systems since the 1980 eruption.
“This collection, along with new processing techniques, will allow us to measure these changes at a scale that wasn’t possible before,” Diefenbach said.
Her office also does aerial surveys of Mount St. Helens every year to create 1-meter DEMS. This historical dataset will allow her and others to extend their analysis back more than 30 years and over the course of two eruptions.
She envisions that most of the collection’s use will be for social media posts by the Cascades Volcano Observatory where she works, describing the imagery or noting eruption anniversaries, or simply using it for other outreach products, such as on their CVO website.
Diefenbach also believes general interest by the public will bring it to this archived collection.
“Mount St. Helens is a very iconic volcano,” she said. “There is always a lot of public interest in film and video of the eruptions.”

Innovate! Celebrates its 15th Anniversary

On March 1, 2017 Innovate celebrated our 15 year anniversary of delivering innovative solutions in partnership with our clients. We recognized this milestone was not ours alone and invited clients and teaming partners to celebrate and thank them for supporting us. We hosted the Appreciation Event at our office in the Ronald Reagan building and a wonderful time was had by all.

Innovate Joins the Esri ArcGIS for Local Government Specialty Program

Innovate! Inc. was recently approved as an ArcGIS for Local Government Specialty provider. Innovate! has a long history of providing services for a wide variety of local governments including City of Spirit Lake Police Department, City of Plummer, City of Hayden, City of Ponderay and City of Philadelphia Water. Being part of the Specialty provides our organization close relationships with Esri and Esri distributors and gains Innovate! recognition for proactively promoting and implementing ArcGIS for Local Government apps and maps.

EPA Region 9’s Emergency Response team support

Innovate currently supports EPA Region 9’s Emergency Response team.  Over the past week our team has been providing support configuring viewers so that the team can view real time stream gauge data and adding flooding data as it becomes available. In addition, Innovate created a social media viewer for the effected areas, so EPA could monitor citizen reports of flooding via Youtube, flickr and Twitter.

Innovate Joins the Esri Federal Small Business Specialty Program

Innovate has been approved to join the Esri Federal Small Business Specialty program providing us increased opportunity to provide consulting, implementation and solution offerings for the ArcGIS platform to the Federal Government user community. We are very excited to continue to grow our relationship with Esri and provide the value added services and solutions to our clients.

Innovate Approved for Esri’s ArcGIS Online Specialty

Innovate received designation from Esri for our ArcGIS Online specialty recognizing our knowledge and expertise with ArcGIS Online.
ArcGIS users can now easily identify Innovate as a company with the skills and experience in delivering ArcGIS Online apps and services. The ArcGIS Online Specialty designates partners, like Innovate, in the Esri Partner Network that have developed a proven set of value-added services and solutions that help users implement and optimize ArcGIS Online in their organizations.

With the release of ArcGIS 10.2, thousands of ArcGIS for Desktop users now have access to complimentary ArcGIS Online organizational subscriptions. Innovate is poised to help them with everything from getting started with ArcGIS Online to developing and producing custom applications that take full advantage of web GIS.

Innovate Supporting the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Project is a comprehensive marine information system that provides spatial data, tools, and technical support for the U.S. coastal and ocean management community. It was created through a partnership between the NOAA Office for Coastal Management and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). While was built exclusively to support renewable energy on the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf, it is also utilized for other marine planning efforts. Innovate is one of over twenty data providers helping to increase data access through data and map services. We are excited to participate in this initiative and jointly support both NOAA’s and BOEM’s mission.

For more information, visit:

Innovate Awarded Joint Base Andrews (JBA) GeoBase Program

Innovate provides full time services to maintain and modernize Joint Base Andrews (JBA) 11th Civil Engineering Squadron (CES) Geospatial Information and Services (GI&S) installation capabilities, also referred to as Installation GeoBase Program. Leveraging our subject matter expertise in geospatial solutions, we serve as the Geo Integration Office (GIO) to support the successfull implementation and management of the program. Innovate’s staff routinely provides installation and system support (i.e. weekly patches, system backup/recovery, data reports, and server maintenance). We utilize our depth of experience in Esri technology to support JBA’s web services and mapping needs. Additionally, Innovate provides key operational and strategic documentation including the contract’s Strategic Plan, Training Plan, and Regional Installation Plan.