Catholic Relief Services


CRS required a Geospatial Information System (GIS) solutions partner to support the design, development, and testing of an online interactive map and the necessary automated data workflows to support it. CRS leverages Salesforce to manage information about the U.S. Catholic constituency and its engagement with the individuals and institutions that comprise this constituency. To visualize the constituency strength, CRS required an online, interactive map. This map utilized data that primarily resided in Salesforce to help CRS better understand the information needed to carry out their work.


This project coordinated Salesforce, SQL Server, and ArcGIS Server resources for the first time across CRS projects. While CRS had existing infrastructure for all three components, Innovate assisted CRS in creating a functional configuration for all parts to work in harmony. Further, a significant portion of the requested products required geocoding based on existing address information or recombination with map layers already published in the CRS ArcGIS Online organizational account.
Innovate provided expertise to configure SQL Server and ArcGIS for Server for map service publishing, requiring the recommendation and setup of an additional virtual machine for ArcGIS for Server. A combination of Jitterbit middleware and scripting solutions were then produced to push Salesforce data to SQL Server, geocode any address information provided, and build the necessary relationships between tables to display the 19 requested datasets. The Innovate Salesforce team assessed the data structure of the CRS Salesforce system, diagnosed and provided recommendations for data quality issues, and worked with the GIS team to then map the relevant Salesforce data to corresponding SQL data elements. The team used JitterBit to export the data from Salesforce to a GIS SQL server and scheduled exports at regular intervals. We iterated through several versions of the data mappings and export scheduling as data structures were updated and data quality was increased. The result was 20 map services in total displayed in a custom geo-viewer configured with custom queries, help documentation, and print tools. An additional Quick Reference guide and formal CRS data design documentation were also provided.
The US Ops online, interactive geo-viewer allows users to see the distributions of resources across the CRS network. The map layers provide a summary of resources across geographic areas (states, dioceses, regions, and congressional districts) based on an institution’s or individual’s location, which cannot otherwise be calculated in Salesforce. The process of migrating data from Salesforce to SQL Server also provided a unique opportunity to identify data gaps and inconsistencies for the CRS team to address and correct. On a larger scale, CRS gained a functional, enterprise GIS environment and training to configure new datasets within and outside of Salesforce.


Catholic Relief Services