To promote and facilitate data sharing, discovery, reuse, standards, and interoperability within the EPA, a centralized portal was required: the Environmental Dataset Gateway (EDG). From EDG’s inception in 2005, Innovate! has worked with IESD to expand this system from a small, COTS-based metadata website into a robust, integrated geospatial metadata portal that now comprises the core of EPA’s Central Metadata Framework. Having operated and maintained the EDG over the past 11 years, we thoroughly understand the technology and quickly assess and respond to operational issues or user requests


Innovate! staff were the primary architects, managers, and facilitators behind the implementation of the EDG. The EDG leverages web services to provide efficient agency-wide geospatial data discovery and retrieval capabilities. Innovate! also led the integration of the EDG into the EPA’s Enterprise Oracle Portal, providing seamless access to Agency resources across enterprise systems and leveraging EPA’s central Identity and Access Management System for user access. Innovate! defined use cases and requirements, managed implementation, performed testing, and facilitated review of results with stakeholders.

Through our system development and operational support, stakeholder outreach efforts, and policy documentation, EPA’s EDG and its accompanying geospatial policy suite have made EPA a leader within the geospatial metadata community. Innovate! leverages knowledge of the architecture of other EPA systems, current data integration technology, current geospatial technology and tools, appropriate federal and international data standards, and other EPA registries and repositories to integrate systems and help EPA manage and evolve the EDG to exploit new technologies and opportunities for growth while continuing to support current needs.



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