Innovate and Chesapeake Bay Program: Healthy Watersheds Assessment Application

The Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) is a unique regional partnership that brings together federal and state agencies, local governments, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions to restore the Chesapeake Bay. As part of their efforts, the CBP recognizes the importance of conserving and sustaining healthy watersheds.

The CBP recently contracted with Innovate to create the Chesapeake Healthy Watersheds Assessment (CHWA) application, a visualization tool for their watershed GIS data. The goal of the CHWA is to promote the improvement of Chesapeake Watershed health through the visualization of its watershed health metrics. The application takes complex data—60+ attributes for over 80,000 unique catchments—and allows users, specifically non-GIS professionals, to interact with and visualize the data. Users of CHWA will be able to access useful information to support watershed conservation strategies and identify signals of change in healthy waters and watersheds.

Innovate created CHWA using Esri’s WebApp Builder Developer Edition. The mapping application contains over 130 layers and 9 widgets/tools, which enable users to use specific layers, filter data, turn on satellite imagery as a basemap, and create bookmarks for easy navigation, all on demand. One of the key features of the application is a custom reporting tool, designed by CBP staff and built by Innovate’s Max Marno via a custom Web AppBuilder widget. This tool allows users to explore metrics and indices related to watershed health and generate a custom report for the selected catchment. The app will be used by CBP and other organizations to study and monitor the watershed catchments of the Chesapeake.