Innovate! provided an integrated GIS solution for the Idaho Forest Group (IFG). Based on a series of requirements gathering meetings, key datasets and use-cases were identified. The requirements gathering session identified the scope of services and deliverables. Innovate! provided the client with a range of scalable and cost-effective solutions alternatives. We then supported the migration and integration of data from a paper based system to a complete digital system supporting both desktop and mobile devices with connected and disconnected editing.


For the Northwest Seamless Parcel Data project, we acquired GIS data from 28 counties in Idaho, Washington, Oregon and Montana. We standardized the data using a customized data harvester built using ArcObjects and .NET and MS SQL. Innovate! also worked with IFG’s information technology staff to install ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server on the IFG GIS server. This task included setting up a web based map viewer and making the data available on the staff’s iPhones, nwparcelAndroid Phones and tablets. Northwest Parcel data is available via Android, iOS and Microsoft mobile devices. The application supports both phone and tablet, and includes an Off Line Mode, and allows GPS integration.

Innovate! created a solution for obtaining county-level parcel data and serving it in a seamless map layer for web and mobile users for the Idaho Forest Group. Currently the Northwest Parcel map harvests and standardizes data received in various formats from 28 counties located across Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. The data are then post-processed with several natural resource layers and served alongside complementary layers such as soils, the National Hydrography Dataset, Public Land Survey System and Aerial Imagery, to name a few. This system enhances the value of the data for land use professionals across diverse disciplines: utilities, forestry, planning, government and others. This system can be easily expanded to accommodate additional parcel data and cost-share partners, and it can be customized for a client’s specific area of interest.


Idaho Forest Group