Ms. Economy provides leadership and expertise across all Innovate!’s operational elements, including finance, office administration, security, human resources and staffing, training, quality management. She helps design and implement business strategies, plans and procedures; establish policies that fulfill company culture and vision; and helps oversee the company’s operations of the work it does and that of the senior leaders. She is responsible for critical corporate level decisions such as investment performance, compliance and our implementation of EOS.

Ms. Economy’s extensive operations experience includes providing cultural leadership and expertise at guiding an organization through implementing performance management, cultural change, and workforce planning initiatives. Ms. Economy’s Certificate credentials include Certified Internal Auditor, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert, Certified Senior Advisor, Certified in Risk Management Assessment, and Certified CEU Instructor. Ms. Economy serves as the “go-to” person for Innovate!’s operational elements and ensures the company is fulfilling its culture and vision.