Innovate! staff are the primary implementers of the EPA Environmental Dataset Gateway (EDG) (formerly called the “GeoData Gateway”), which serves as EPA’s enterprise geospatial portal.   The Innovate! team operates the EDG for EPA; since the system’s inception, our team has been responsible for its implementation, customization, maintenance, and institutionalization across EPA.  As an enterprise system that contains resources intended for use across numerous and diverse EPA organizations, the introduction of the EDG required in-depth planning, preparation, and support.  To address these needs, Innovate helped EPA formulate a holistic implementation approach that included developing and implementing consistent policies and procedures; providing outreach, training and assistance; and customizing and implementing technologies that best meet user needs.    

The Innovate! team has designed and implemented a number of enhancements to the EDG, including a custom data download and clip & ship application, a dynamic dashboard, usage statistics, extended support for non-geospatial metadata that supports EPA’s contributions to, and much more.  We have also developed options for EDG to work with other System of Registries components, including the Terminology Services, the Reusable Component Services, and the Facility Registry System (FRS).  Our team has integrated FRS data services into EDG’s clip & ship application, both for internet and intranet use (where appropriate).  Our team has also led the efforts to integrate both Integrated GeoDatabase (IGD) and FRS metadata into the EDG to make it accessible to others and to integrate the EDG into the EPA’s Enterprise Oracle Portal – providing seamless access to Agency resources across enterprise systems and leveraging EPA’s central Identity and Access Management System.  Innovate! has worked with EPA to consistently define EDG use cases and requirements, to manage implementation, to perform testing, and to facilitate review of results with stakeholders.