Information Collection Request (ICR) Tracking


The EPA’s Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP) was having challenges tracking the ICR flow and progress for renewal. ICRs flow from program offices, through OCSPP and other offices up through OMB for approval. The timeline for this flow is 13 months. ICRs must be updated every three years. The team was using many Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets to track and report on the flow of ICRs through the renewal process, and to check when the three-year update cycle was set to begin. It is tedious and time intensive. In addition to this primary problem, there were issues with archiving – the data was only at OMB and copies were held at individual staff members’ desks. Finally, there were no app capabilities.


We built an OCSPP Tracking app to accommodate ICR renewals. The app allows tracking of ICRs through the various offices up through OMB for approval. When a new ICR is entered, target dates are populated. The staff enter actual dates as the ICR moves through the process. In addition, the system notifies the team 13 months in advance of the renewal deadline that they must kick off work on another ICR. At that time, the renewal is automatically created and target dates are populated. One record is created for each ICR, so archiving is included. We created Kanban views and dashboards for displaying whether ICRs are on time, if there are issues, and ICRs requiring focus or action.
Now OCSPP manages ICRs through the OCSPP Tracking app. There are no longer time consuming or tedious processes for tracking ICRs in Excel. Data is shared across stakeholders and historical data is always available on demand. Users can log in at any time and see where ICRs are, whether they are on time, if there are any issues, and whether actions must be taken. Dashboards are available via email and a mobile app, so data is always at the fingertips of staff, managers, and leaders.


EPA Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention (OCSPP)