The Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Regulation (CROMERR) team needed assistance with managing application processing and data management. The CROMERR program was attempting to process multiple application approval requests from across the country while maintaining data integrity without a centralized data repository. Access to information was time consuming as program staff would search through individuals’ email, physical mailboxes, personal/shared drives, online file storage, or hard copies in file cabinets. The team lacked a standard workflow that could be used to monitor applications from the initial inquiry through final approval. Information regarding the status of an application, the length of time to process applications, and update requests from applicants would either require weeks of searching to put together or at times be simply unavailable.


Working with the EPA’s CROMERR team, Innovate! developed a custom Salesforce app that provides project management support, constituent management, data integration and quality assurance. It allows seamless development and distribution of customizable reports and dashboards. The system monitors program metrics, including efficiency, processing duration and completion rates for applications. The metrics account for staff workload and the oversight of the application pipeline. The system also facilitates data maintenance through mass mailed requests. An application is tracked from first communication with a potential applicant, either by phone or email, through the process, including the submission of multiple variations of critical, required documentation. Meetings are tracked and linked to the various applications on the agenda. Final approvals and related memorandums relate to the record of application and can be viewed and distributed from the system.
All data required for program success (including emails, spreadsheets, contact information reports, and application documents) is now in a centralized location allowing for more accurate data and easier access. Additionally, the project management support has assisted in decreasing application processing time. The system generated metrics allow management to better respond to customer concerns impacted by regulation, including state and local governments. Answers and solutions are provided faster with higher accuracy. Information that once took weeks is now provided with the click of a mouse. The system’s implementation helped reduce the number of government FTEs required to manage the project’s day-to-day operations from two to less than one. With all necessary data easily accessible in an intuitive interface, the system makes it possible for a contractor to manage the program.


EPA Office of Environmental Information (OEI) Information Exchange Services Division (IESD)