Innovate! To Present at the Fall Northeast ARC Users Group Conference in Sarasota Springs, NY.

NEGIS LogoMichael Blair, Digital Strategist and Geospatial Developer at Innovate! was asked to present at the NEARC Users Group Conference on October 28–October 31.

Read Michael Blair’s Insights about the Esri User Conferences.

Sign postMichael Blair’s GIS career started in the 90s from a small college in Bar Harbor, Maine where he got the opportunity to attend his first Esri User Conference held in Palm Springs, CA.  The Esri Conferences subsequently moved to San Diego, CA.  He appreciated the opportunity to attend this conference but didn’t have high expectations on what he would get from it.  Much to his surprise and pleasure his preconceived notion was dispelled and his GIS Conference experience was launched at that moment.

The sessions were informative, and what he found extremely valuable was networking with the attendees who were helpful, very knowledgeable and open to offering extensive advice to Michael.  Many of the people he met there are now colleagues of Michael’s and some friends that he communicates with frequently.

NEARC imageBeing asked to participate as a presenter for the Fall 2018 Northeast ARC Users Group Conference, in Saratoga Springs, NY is an honor for Michael and a great opportunity for Innovate!.  The NEARC Conference attracts GIS specialists from all over North America, that include developers, vendors, new users and those who are interested in seeing the value of GIS Technology and how it is applied to their own environment.  To be asked to present three professional talks is an exceptional accolade for Michael since not only will he be imparting his GIS knowledge but also representing Innovate! and the projects that his IT and GIS team of experts completed.  The presentations are Esri related projects that provided technology and solutions that impact the environment and the world.  These presentations include the Data Management Technology (DMT) application, the Floor Plan (HR Data Resource) application, and the Query Widget.  Read below to learn more about the abstracts of these presentations.

While imparting his GIS knowledge and solutions in the presentations, Michael also has the opportunity to talk about Innovate! and demonstrate the many solutions the company works on, and services they offer.  Michael states, “If I can leave Saratoga, NY connecting with one person, whether it’s giving a technical tidbit or how Innovate can assist them with projects, I’ll feel it was a success.”

NEARC Conference Presentations Include:

Data Management Technology Application
The DMT application provides a searchable, sortable, user-friendly interface that not only relates to all of the content but checks for the existence of and completeness of related documentation, including hosting environment, metadata, unique identifiers, update cycles, and sharing settings. The application serves as a live, single point of entry for all analysts to find resources, and immediately identify their location, accuracy, and relevance.

The new DMT leverages the backends of enterprise geodatabases in Microsoft SQL Server, ArcGIS for Server, and the ArcGIS Online API to harvest and relate features in all three Esri products. The system is deployed in each environment and automatically harvests items in the enterprise geodatabases and those related to map service layers, including the metadata for all ArcGIS Online items to identify if any contain rest services.

Floor Plan Application

Where am I GISInnovate! Inc. developed a web-based Floor Plan application tool for US EPA Region 9 that provides access to information about Region 9 people, places, and resources. It displays the current list of all Region 9 employees, including contractors, grantees, volunteers (if any), and other EPA and federal agency staff stationed in R9. It also provides detailed floor plans for each space at EPA R9 Headquarters, other regional offices and place-based individuals. There are many layers that can be turned on that offer details of resources and emergency information for the building. Click here to view the video demo..

The application was built using ArcGIS API for JavaScript and ArcGIS Server and integrates AutoCAD floor plan data.  Innovate was honored with a Federal Small Business Specialty (FSBS) Award during the Esri FedGIS Conference and named Esri’s 2018 Innovation Partner for our innovative usage of Esri technology in support of our client’s operations (

The Query Widget

The Query widget is great for predefined searches, however, what do you do when you want to find data across multiple attributes and many unique values per attribute?  Innovate! solved that problem by developing a custom widget to make use of a unique value SQL view to serve the data dynamically through a service.  The widget then consumes the JSON response and builds a multi-selection search interface.  Additionally, there is a geographic filtering function that allows for the querying to be conducted within a drawn geometry.