Innovate! provides program management support to FEMA’s Risk MAP program. In FEMA Region 1 and 10, Innovate! leads the program management and process improvements efforts, which include performance measurement. A large component of the program management effort that Innovate! provides in FEMA Region 1 and 10 is the support of Regional Organization Capability Maturity as part of the Management Capability Evolution (MCE). Innovate conducted a rigorous review and further developed the Region’s performance management pro
gram as a component of the MCE.


Innovate! supported FEMA in the development of performance measuring processes and tools that established quantitative performance measures. This effort provided FEMA with a comprehensive understanding of how their vendors were performing. In addition, the implemented processes and tools enabled FEMA to measure and monitor the implementation and effectiveness of their strategies, and allowed them to determine the gap between actual and targeted performance. Through this process a clear understanding of FEMA’s organizational efficiency was illustrated. Since the advent of these processes and tools, FEMA Region 1 and 10 have realized:

  • Revitalized organization by driving corporate development initiatives that enhanced reporting, aligned staff, and expedited scheduling.
  • Added value by establishing tracking tools that clarified program performance and facilitated creation of best practices.
  • Reduced schedule performance index (SPI) by .30 in 3 months.

Innovate! is performing further program management efforPortfolio-RiskMapts that help FEMA Region 1 and 10 operate the Risk MAP Program effectively.
Some of these include: (1) providing regional performance and Earned Value Management (EVM) analysis; (2) supporting regional program reviews; (3) supporting stakeholder management; (4) managing internal and external communications, with particular focus on facilitating regional communications with FEMA Headquarters; and (5) supporting risk management processes, as well as other program management duties.

Today, the program management and performance measures efforts Innovate! has performed with FEMA Region 1 and 10 have already demonstrated benefits program wide. The Region’s metrics have shown vast improvements toward program benchmarks and schedules, and many processes are in place to further improve Regional performance.


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