Innovate!’s Business Operations Platform

With the Innovate! Business Operations Platform, we provide a business management platform that enables organizations and their people to increase operational excellence. We built the tool on top of the world’s most highly rated platform as a service (PAAS) and CRM, This allows for seamless integration through Salesforce’s APIs to systems that you already use in your business.  Our business management platform provides all levels of an organization the ability to organize, collaborate, understand the data that impacts performance, and make meaningful decisions based on real-time data.


The full suite of modules in the Business Operations Platform include:

  • Portfolio Management

  • Stakeholder Management

  • Project Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Performance Management

  • Staffing/Skill Management

  • Contract and Grant Management

  • Budget and Financial Management

Innovate!’s Platform provides
  • Data Aggregation. Pulls data from multiple systems and platforms into one customizable database. Through powerful APIs extract data from systems, you have already invested in, like Time Keeping or Financial packages, into the platform to exploit the power of the data integrated with other organizational information.

  • Enhanced Dashboard with Data Analytics and Reporting. Visualize your data to view trends and quickly assess metrics.

  • Personalized service anytime, anywhere. Connect with clients from any device, and build stronger relationships by having information at your fingertips Nurture deeper relationships by staying in touch with proactive tracking and event alerts that remind you to reach out when clients need you most.

  • Competitive Advantage. Real-time engagement across entire the enterprise. Sell faster, service effectively, and outpace the competition.

  • 100% mobile-enabled. As the workforce continues to trend more towards mobile technology, this will allow users to maximize their time and get information when and where they need it.

  • Highly customizable. We can customize a module to collect, analyze, and report on any data you need to run your business.

  • Scalable. Highly scalable to grow with your organization. It is built on, the same platform that is being leveraged by organizations like Coca-Cola, Spotify, and Stanley Black & Decker.

  • Competitive Advantage. Real-time engagement across entire the enterprise. Sell faster, service effectively, and outpace the competition.

Partnership Implementation Model


Unlike an off-the-shelf application, Innovate! supports our customers through the full product life cycle; requirement gathering, development, and the implementation process.   Before we even being the process, we schedule a complimentary Demonstration and Consultation session with you.  In this session, we begin to explore what modules would provide your organization with the most value.

  • Phase 1: Diagnostics. We work with your team to understand your current business processes—what works and what doesn’t.  We assist you in streamlining and documenting your processes.  We’ve learned from personal experience that a good tool on top of an ineffective process is unable to solve the real pain that organizations experience.  By working to understand and improve existing processes, we can assist in identifying and correcting underlining problems.  Additionally, by documenting processes clearly, the system will function to help your teamwork quickly and effectively.

  • After documenting relevant business processes, we move into Phase 2: Implementation. Typically, we work with an organization to implement 1-2 modules at a time, starting with a pilot program. During this phase, we follow an agile methodology that allows for iterative feedback.  This allows us to quickly respond to new or changing requirements, saving both time and money.  Once we complete and release the pilot to a sample user base, we gather feedback and modify it to incorporate it.

  • After release, we move into Phase 3: User Adoption and Training. We understand that change can be hard and we work with your team members to minimize the burden and speed the transition.  During this phase, we implement ‘gamification’ and other adoption tactics to assist users in learning the system and begin to utilize it.  The goal of this phase is to train users and ensure maximum value is achieved by the new system in the shortest timeline.

  • Finally, we move into Phase 4: Evaluation of implementation and determination of next steps. In this phase, we review the module(s) that have been implemented and evaluate the next modules to implement.