Georgia State University


To help GSU better communicate with students, prospective students, and faculty members, Innovate utilized to develop automated SMS and email sending tools. These tools are triggered by important events such as a student scoring a poor grade, or a prospective student inquiring about college on the college website.


With new requirements from the GSU, for each project we initially delivered the least amount of functionality that satisfied those requirements. This allowed the client opportunity to test the work functionally early in the development cycle and provide early feedback. This was the pattern throughout development along with frequent client meetings to facilitate continuous feedback. There were times when the client changed the requirements as a result of their testing. Our Agile approach allowed us to easily respond to those changes during development.
Innovate worked with University points of contact to review business objectives and processes to build custom integrations with the college’s backend student information system as well as automated transformations of college data to facilitate communication with third party vendor services.
Innovate has developed processes to automate data maintenance tasks to keep the college’s data quality high by preventing duplicate or mismatched data from entering the CRM. These maintenance tasks also help to keep back end college data in sync with data. The synchronized data allow developed processes to better respond to events and produce more accurate reporting.
We planned and performed deployments of the applications we developed for GSU. Each deployment included a rollback and testing strategy. Deployments were first rolled out to a common development environment for testing by the development team. After successful testing we deployed to the Quality Assurance environment next, which was a duplicate of the GSU production environment. The client and Innovate development tested together in the QA environment. Upon successful testing in QA, the production deployment was launched where the testing by all groups was completed.
After the production deployment, Innovate provided support to the end users and to the GSU help desk. We provided documentation for the GSU help desk and helped them address common end user issues.
GSU uses a support ticket system called FootPrints, which allows existing and potential students to communicate issues with any area of the application process to a support team. For example, if a student cannot find their country of birth on the application form, they can use this system to report the issue. The support team can then determine whether they can fix the issue or reassign the ticket to another team, such as the Salesforce team. As the main support rep for the Salesforce team, Innovate monitors all tickets that are assigned to this team and responds to issues as needed. Innovate uses the FootPrints service to update the support rep of progress, along with any solutions found that either they or the student can use. Tickets have status fields that can be used to monitor the progress of the ticket, and also to alert support reps about whether an issue has been resolved.


Georgia State University