Indoor Mapping


The Yurok Tribe


The Yurok Tribe is currently the largest Tribe in California, with more than 5,000 enrolled members. As members return to shared spaces (e.g., office buildings, hotels, etc.), the Yurok Tribe wanted a safe solution to help manage spatial planning and facilitate social distancing per the COVID-19 guidelines.


Innovate processed GIS data that was provided for Yurok’s 30 buildings and integrated those data into Esri’s ArcGIS Indoors data model. We built a mesh network for the traversable spaces along with point-of-interests (POI) in order to integrate them into the Indoors web and mobile data viewer applications. From the 2D point, line, and polygon data we converted them into a 3D scene and integrated those into the Indoors data viewer application. We set up geofencing in the traversable lattice network to restrict areas that are fully open to the public from those that are employee access only. By creating these restrictions, the Indoors data viewer will only provide navigation options to the public in those areas that they’re allowed to access.

Two (2) web/mobile applications were built using Esri technologies:

The Indoor Data Viewer / Navigator Application is used drill down into detailed specifics of each room (use type, is it vacant, etc.), as well as allows users to filter data (what type of facility, what type of room) to navigate between locations. For example, a user can get turn-by-turn directions from the main conference room to a specific office, whether in that building or throughout the Yurok campus.

The Space Planner Application displays web maps and dashboards with facility information and reservation capabilities for rooms within the buildings.  It can also be used for space planning and assist to map out social distancing requirements and identify those areas where staff may be closer than the proximity guidelines and need to be relocated.

Innovate will also develop a Survey123 maintenance ticketing survey that integrates the Indoors mobile application so ground’s personnel can easily navigate to the areas that need service.



  • Identify places that can be navigated / traversable
  • Can identify employee restricted areas
  • Users can book short-term (hot desk) or long-term (hotel) rooms and identify those that are unoccupied
  • Limit number of people within room for social distancing