Green Halloween and Earth Day – Living Green and Being Environmentally Conscious

An important component of Innovate! is valuing our environment and leading by example of what it means to operate a “green” and environmentally-conscious organization.  In 2010, the company founded the Global Cooling Network, a 501 ©3 non-profit to reflect Innovate!’s commitment to our planet. The mission of Global Cooling Network is to preserve the forested land in its natural, undeveloped state.

Innovate wall with green plantsPropelled by the “green” mission, over a decade ago, Lily and Phill Thomas came up with a few networking events that would focus on their “green” awareness objective while also bringing together partners, clients, and agencies to mingle and enjoy an evening of “getting to know” each other’s world.

Two of these events, Earth Day and “Green Halloween” became annual events that grew in popularity each year. Earth Day is held in the Spring, and Green Halloween is held at the end of October around the actual Halloween day. Both these events have provided an outreach opportunity to impart their “green” vision.  Each year for both events there is a “green” theme, displaying and offering natural, local and green alternatives for hosting a party.

Innovates Commitment treePhill Thomas, COO of Innovate! states, “While hosting a networking event, it also gives us an opportunity to bring awareness to our “green” mission with a “green” themed event.  Each year we spotlight something “green” for all to see and reflect upon.  This year we have on display our “Commitment Tree” where we hope that everyone adds a leaf to it reflecting a commitment for the year that will help our earth and the environment.”  Innovate! will also be giving away “Vampire Repellent” goody bags for guests to take home with them.

Vampire RepellantWhat is a “Vampire Repellent?” Phil’s clever idea was to offer cloves of garlic, a-la-Vampire Repellent, as a give-away to his guests for this year’s Green Halloween event.  Themes and giveaways of previous events included:

  • A wide selection of pesticides and fertilizers that had no harmful chemicals to make everyone aware that they did exist and they should be using them.
  • Organic selection of foods, including fresh produce, dairy products, breads and bakery goods that were all organically grown and handled.
  • Seedlings and packets of seeds of various plants and vegetables for guests to take home and plant.
  • Organic beers, ales and wines that were brewed by local breweries and vintners, with samples to taste so guests can get to know what is available to them locally. It also brings awareness of buying and supporting local businesses.
  • A bio-degradable theme whereby, all serving and paper good products that appetizers and foods are served on are bio-degradable. All foods served at these events are all served on environmentally safe, and bio-degradable products.