Innovate and Esri – Improving Wildfire Mapping

In 2018, Innovate was awarded a prime contract with the Department of Interior (DOI) to support the development and Optimization of the Integrated Reporting of Wildland-Fire Information (IRWIN) Application. The interagency fire community depends on the IRWIN application to maintain data exchange operations year-round, 24x7x365. This requires the coordination and collaboration of multiple of stakeholders, internal and external of the OWF because it offers the community large scale, cross- agency technology.

Partnering with Esri, Innovate is helping the DOI attain clarity and collaboration with state and local partners on shared national wildfire issues via IRWIN to discover the reality of fire risk management including population and response metrics. Innovate provides operations and maintenance (O&M) services and supports IRWINs further development, modernization, and enhancement. This includes updating existing tools used for visualization and understanding of data integration, enhancement of existing tools, and providing new solutions used for visualization and understanding of data integration. IRWIN services are focused on the goals of reducing redundant data entry, identifying authoritative data sources, and improving the consistency, accuracy, and availability of operational data. By interconnecting systems, new and updated information is automatically available to the different interagency systems and to a dashboard to provide queries and reports.

For more information, check out Esri’s article: Improve Your Wildlife Maps with These New Layers.