Innovate Awarded DOI Integrated Reporting of Wildland-Fire Information (IRWIN) O&M and DME Contract

Innovate! Inc. announced today it has been awarded the Integrated Reporting of
Wildland-Fire Information (IRWIN) Operation and Maintenance (O&M) and
Development, Modernization and Enhancement (DME) services contract in support of
the Department of Interior’s (DOI) Office of Wildland Fire (OWF). This is a new contract
award for Innovate with team member Esri.

Wild fire in the trees

Wild fire in the trees

IRWIN is a Department of the Interior (DOI) Office of Wildland Fire (OWF) managed
interagency system that integrates wildland fire data. The interagency community
includes the USDA – US Forest Service, the DOI Bureau of Land Management (BLM),
National Park Service (NPS), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), and the Bureau
of Indian Affairs (BIA) as well as state and local fire managers via the United States Fire
Administration (USFA).
Under this five-year contract, Innovate will provide support required to operate and
maintain and develop, modernize and enhance the IRWIN system and the supporting
tools developed to support visualization and understanding of data integration. Innovate
will perform a broad range of O&M support, such documenting geospatial data
standards and data mapping, updating application code for the IRWIN system, perform
database tuning and workflow enhancement analysis.
Innovate will also provide on-site and remote consulting support to work collaboratively
with the DOI OWF to design, develop, modernize and enhance IRWIN to meet the
interagency wildland fire community needs and requirements. Innovate will facilitate and
support the annual release cadence in support of IRWIN to include discovery sessions
with candidate systems connecting to IRWIN, annual code development, modernization
and enhancements, including prototype build, and demonstration, integration testing
and deployment.
The period of performance begins July 29 th and runs through July 2024.
“Innovate recognizes the importance of IRWIN’s operations and we will proudly assist
the DOI in providing services to meet its diverse user base with this new contract,”
comments Frank Roberts, Innovate’s GIS/IT Director. He adds, “This contract will
enable us to expand our existing work with the Emergency Support / Wildland Fire
community and allow us to use our existing knowledge of GIS/IT in support of the
Wildland Firefighters.”

Plane fighting fire

Single Engine Air Tanker (SEAT) Drops Water on the Edge of the Fire Allowing Fire Fighters on the Ground to Work Closer to the Active Fire

Innovate has provided mission-critical emergency response and fire support services to
federal clients and other customers. Innovate has collaborated with the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 9 (R9) to enhance the R9 Common
Operating Picture (COP) to monitor and forecast fire and wind challenges that plague

California’s wildfire operations. Innovate’s IT/GIS – Geographic Information System
team has been supporting and developing technology for EPA’s R9 for the past eight
years. The wind and fire response tools are two of many solutions developed to address
a myriad of problems, caused naturally or by human error, that challenge the United