Innovate Awarded EPA OSA Performance Measures Contract

ALEXANDRIA, VA (September 7, 2012) Innovate was newly awarded a contract to facilitate the creation of the EPA’s Office of the Science Advisor (OSA) performance measures program.  As part of their business consulting practice, Innovate specializes in creating and supporting performance measure programs to provide clients with measurable indicators regarding what they care about on an organizational level.  These performance measures allow clients to report and take action to enhance their performance and drive success in the future around their organization’s strategy and goals.

For the OSA performance measures program, Innovate will be leading a series of five stakeholder work sessions over the course of 6 months to lay the foundation and identify performance goals and metrics.  Upon completion of the work sessions, Innovate will lay out a “Metrics Blueprint,” test the methods identified and analyze data to ensure OSA is being provided with their desired insights.  After thorough testing, a finalized process will be laid out an implemented for OSA.