Innovate Celebrates World Health Day 2021

For World Health Day 2021, the World Health Organization (WHO) calls for a fairer, healthier world. While COVID-19 has impacted everyone, it has also exposed inequalities in health and healthcare access. The WHO emphasizes the need for collection and access to reliable health data to accurately assess inequities across populations and make data-driven decisions.

Innovate! Inc. (Innovate) has supported initiatives that gather and analyze health information that help organizations make more informed decisions and improve community health. Additionally, as a geospatial company, Innovate offers a unique perspective to health through the lens of geospatial data, technologies, and geographic information systems (GIS). With GIS, information can be instantly shared and updated in real-time, while complex data is analyzed and visualized for rapid response. GIS can be used to help improve communication of public health factors, identify communities at risk, and help manage critical resources.

We’ve helped our clients deliver on their mission to protect human health through the successful implementation of technology, geospatial services, and business consulting. Presented here are highlights of Innovate’s top health projects.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Safer Choice
The Safer Choice program works in partnership with industry, environmental groups, and academia to identify cleaning and other products that perform well and are safe for human health and the environment. The program empowers consumers to protect their health and minimize their impact on the environment through everyday purchasing decisions. Originally, Safer Choice staff and management had an increasing backlog of incoming applications to review and approve, spread across a complicated collection of databases, spreadsheets, documents, PDFs, and emails. As program response time increased, partner satisfaction decreased.

Innovate developed a custom Salesforce solution that offers a single structure for managing multiple facets of the Safer Choice Community, along with the flexibility of accessing the system anywhere. It now includes a simplified interface to a highly complicated and customized chemical formulation review process and a public facing online community that allows for companies to submit their new for review. The system facilitates project and program management and provides stakeholders the ability to monitor the progress of their applications and submissions. Safer Choice staff can communicate with program partners, receive critical documentation, and seamlessly process applications. Innovate developed custom functionality that prohibits submission of incomplete reviews and notifies third-party profilers about the specific review requirements that need to be met. This custom functionality benefits Safer Choice staff by effectively eliminating time spent by processing incomplete applications. Innovate was recognized by EPA OPPT with the 2016 Innovation Award for our work on the Safer Choice Tool.

EPA Office of Water (OW) – Sanitary Survey Application for Marine and Fresh Waters
The EPA OW works with states, territories, and tribal governments to protect and improve the nation’s water quality, a vital factor of human health. Innovate modernized OW’s Fresh Water and Marine Beach Sanitary Survey Application. We transformed the once-paper surveys into a web- and cloud-based application that is accessible over multiple platforms and devices through ArcGIS Survey123, which uses a consistent interface and data validation on each field, so collected data is less prone to error. The data feeds into ONE EPA GeoPlatform, a central repository for EPA partners—states, territories, and tribal governments—to collectively share data, visualize trends, create predictive modeling, or aid water quality decision-making. The data can be stored on the user’s device and then transmitted at a convenient time when the internet is accessible. This infrastructure provides the ability to maintain and extend core services throughout the application lifecycle, so as the EPA’s needs evolve, the survey will too. Innovate’s Sanitary Beach Survey was featured on NITAAC’s CIO-SP3 Solution Showcase as a solution that leverages a new approach to a complex IT challenge.

Do you have a health-IT problem we can solve? Interested in leveraging geospatial data to better understand health outcomes? Contact Stacy Roux at or 703-922-9090 ext. 723.