Innovate! Inc. Honored at Esri FedGIS Conference as 2018 Innovation Partner

Innovate! recognized for our achievements in using Esri technology and The Science of Where to deliver on our client’s missions

Alexandria, VA—March 20, 2018—Innovate! Inc. was honored with a Federal Small Business Specialty (FSBS) Award during the Esri FedGIS Conference. Innovate! was named Esri’s 2018 Innovation Partner for our innovative usage of Esri technology in support of our client’s operations.  This award recognizes an Esri partner that excels at adopting Esri emerging technology and introducing a solution leveraging the ArcGIS Platform.  “At Innovate! Inc. we thrive on innovation, and we see “The Science of Where” as an essential component to innovation. We are delighted with our partnership with Esri; using Esri’s emerging technologies truly enables Innovate! to be on the forefront of innovation and solve our client’s most complex business needs,” noted Phill Thomas, Innovate!’s Chief Operating Officer.  We were recognized for our delivery of numerous applications based on Esri technology including a Floor Plan application for EPA Region 9, Data Management Tool (DMT) and many Web AppBuilder (WAB) for ArcGIS widgets such as our Enhanced StreetViewer Widget.

Innovate! stays on the forefront of Esri technology and has actively worked with Drone2Map, ArcGISPro, Survey123, Collector and StoryMaps with our current list of clients.  “At Innovate! we see ourselves as an Esri technical expert, so our job is to help our clients implement Esri’s core software applications, including the new ones!,” comments Frank Roberts, Innovate! Geospatial Director.

The EPA Region 9 Floor Plan application is a web-based tool that provides access to information about Region 9 people, places, and resources. It displays the current list of all Region 9 employees, including contractors, grantees, volunteers (if any), and other EPA and federal agency staff stationed in Region 9. It also provides detailed floor plans for each space at EPA Region 9 Headquarters, other regional offices and place-based individuals. There are many layers that can be turned on that offer details of resources and emergency information for the building. The application was built using ArcGIS API for JavaScript and ArcGIS Server.

The new DMT Innovate! developed leverages the backends of enterprise geodatabases in Microsoft SQL Server, ArcGIS for Server, and the ArcGIS Online API to harvest and relate features in all three Esri products. The system is deployed in each environment and automatically harvests the items in each enterprise geodatabase and relates these features to existing map service layers. Then, the metadata for all ArcGIS Online items is parsed to identify if they contain any of the Rest services. The application provides a searchable, sortable, user-friendly interface that not only relates all of the content, but checks for the existence of and completeness of related documentation, including hosting environment, metadata, unique identifiers, update cycles, and sharing settings. The application now serves as a live, single point of entry for all analysts in EPA Region 9 to find resources, and immediately identify their location, accuracy, and relevance. Users can also log issues, assign analysts to perform updates, and quickly and easily assess the state of the geospatial library at large.