Innovate Presents at North Carolina GIS Conference 2019 (NCGIS2019)

Since 1987, the NC GIS Conference has served the GIS community by bringing together professionals from across the state to share in their experiences and learn about current trends and technologies. Attracting over 900 registrants in 2017 and averaging close to 50 vendors per conference, NCGIS2019 was expanded to three days this year (February 27-March 1) to accommodate over 40 technical and educational sessions. The NCSIS2019 featured workshops presentations on industry-relevant topics, demonstrations of new apps, exposure to emerging technologies, and the evolving relationship between GIS and of public policy.

Senior GIS Specialist Mr. Michael Blair presents Innovate’s award-winning Data Management Tool (DMT)

This year, Innovate’s Senior GIS Specialist Mr. Michael Blair presented at three NCGIS2019 panels including:

  • How Unique (Search) is Your Widget? – A custom multi-select widget Innovate developed to extend the search capability within a custom web-application builder mapping application.
  • Data Management Tool (DMT) – How a Web-based Application Helps to Manage and Inventory Multiple Internal, Private and Public Geodatabases, Map Services and Online Items Throughout an Enterprise.
  • Where am I? – A Floor Plan Application Integrating Multiple Facilities and Human Resource Data.

Innovate continues our long-history of commitment to the future of GIS development at all levels.