Innovate Presents at the 2020 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) GIS Virtual Workshop

Innovate team members were among the select contractors to present at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) GIS Virtual Workshop.  Attended by over 100 EPA staff, Innovate IT/GIS Director Frank Roberts and GIS Analyst/Developers Jenny Herring and Rob Homsher delivered the following presentations to the group: 

Title: “Be the Hub You Want to Be”  Rob Homsher 

Summary: How and when to use ArcGIS Hub to pull together content for projects or initiatives, and easily share data with targeted audiences.

Title: “99 Problems, GeoPlatform Accounts Ain’t One” Jenny Herring 

Summary: Learn about how to use and how to get access to the GeoPlatform Account Request tool to rapidly set up accounts and group access for emergency responses and large projects.

Title: “Sample Today, Map Tomorrow” Jenny Herring 

Summary: Explore the Region 9 Scribe Data Explorer, a browser-based web application to search for and interact with projects from EPA ERT’s analytical and sampling Scribe Database system.

 Title: “Where the Sun Don’t Shine: How to See Your Sub-Surface Wells”  Frank Roberts 

Summary: Visualizing Underground Wells, Aquifers and Sampling Results through 3-D visualization in ArcGIS Pro