Innovate! to Present at the Northwest GIS Conference October 29—Nov. 1 in Bremerton, WA

Frank RobertsFrank Roberts, Director of IT and GIS for Innovate!,  has built a reputation as an expert in Geospatial solutions and Geographic Information Technology.  Lately he has been jet setting across North America presenting at different conferences, such as the 2018 NW Utility GIS User Conference in Spokane, WA.

Once again, Frank was asked to submit abstracts to be considered at the Northwest GIS 2018 Conference taking place at the end of October in Bremerton, WA.  With great pleasure all three of his abstracts were accepted and he is scheduled to present them at the upcoming conference.  The presentations include three different Esri-related applications he has developed for Innovate! clients: Widget Mania, Data Management Tool and Interior Mapping.

Frank states, “I am honored to be asked to participate at the different Geographic Information Systems and Geospatial Conferences across the U.S.  The applications and technology solutions that my team and I developed are utilized by U.S. EPA, Federal Agencies, and other clients of Innovate! The different applications including web and mobile maps, desktop applications, data management tools and floor planning applications meet nearly 95% of most organizations’ needs. Roberts continues, “After 20-years’ experience in the information technology field being considered a knowledge expert still humbles me.  But more importantly, it’s my teams’ work and Innovate!’s services that I’m here to represent.”

Presentations include:

Widget Mania
Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS has opened the door to rapidly deploy web applications. Out of the box Esri supplies a wide variety of widgets that meet nearly 95% of most organizations need. However, we have noticed that custom widgets are sometimes needed to get to the 100% solutions for our clients. This session focuses on the custom widgets Innovate! has created for our clients such as US EPA and others. Frank will demonstrate a number of our widgets and show how the clients have used them to make data more accessible for their web and mobile users of the Web AppBuilder.

Data Management Tool
Tracking your GIS data assets as a GIS person can be a convoluted process. Data is being viewed and utilized through many different applications, such as web maps, mobile maps, and desktop applications. Being able to identify all the data layers supporting an ArcGIS Online Web App and then tracing that back to the source can be a valuable thing to know. Also, when you are doing data updates and need to know what web/mobile maps this data update will effect, it can be very important. Innovate developed a custom application called the Data Management Tool (DMT) to improve the quality, consistency, and transparency of US EPA Region 9 geospatial resources. As background, the US EPA Region 9 utilizes a wide range of Esri products in multiple internal, sensitive, and public environments. Maintaining an up to date and accurate inventory of data in enterprise geodatabases, ArcGIS Server services, and ArcGIS Online items is both arduous and complex. Further, a historical focus on project-centric operations tended to silo data by project area or support division, often resulting in data and metadata replication. The DMT application provides a searchable, sortable, user-friendly interface that not only relates all the content but checks for the existence of and completeness of related documentation, including hosting environment, metadata, unique identifiers, update cycles, and sharing settings. The application serves as a live, single point of entry for all analysts to find resources, and immediately identify their location, accuracy, and relevance. The DMT leverages the backends of enterprise geodatabases in Microsoft SQL Server, ArcGIS for Server, and the ArcGIS Online API to harvest and relate features in all three Esri products. The system is deployed in each environment and automatically harvests items in the enterprise geodatabases and those related to map service layers, including the metadata for all ArcGIS Online items to identify if any contain rest services.

a mazeInterior Mapping
Innovate! Inc. developed a web-based Floor Plan application tool for US EPA Region 9 that provides access to information about Region 9 people, places, and resources. It displays the current list of all Region 9 employees, including contractors, grantees, volunteers (if any), and other EPA and federal agency staff stationed in Region 9. It also provides detailed floor plans for each space at EPA Region 9 Headquarters, other regional offices and place-based individuals. There are many layers that can be turned on that offer details of resources and emergency information for the building. The application was built using ArcGIS API for JavaScript and ArcGIS Server and integrates AutoCAD floor plan data. Innovate was honored with a Federal Small Business Specialty (FSBS) Award during the Esri FedGIS Conference. Innovate! was named Esri’s 2018 Innovation Partner for our innovative usage of Esri technology in support of our client’s operations (…).