Innovate! Volunteers Dive In Again for the Ocean Conservancy’s 33rd International Coastal Cleanup

Coastal Cleanup ResultsOctober 13 was the Ocean Conservancy’s 33rd annual International Coastal Cleanup (ICC). Each year, millions of tons of trash—including an estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic waste—enter our oceans through rivers, waterways and beaches, injuring and killing wildlife, polluting coastlines, and even entering the food chain with the potential to harm human health. The annual International Coastal Cleanup goes a long way to dealing with this problem.

Since its launch on a single beach in Texas in 1986, the event now spans the globe, with 100 participating countries and hundreds of thousands of volunteers all committing to a single-day of practical environmental action – a beach cleanup. Over the last three decades, this yearly coastal cleanup has helped to remove a total of 250 million pounds (113 million kilograms) of trash from beach coastlines and waterways.

Last year alone almost 800,000 volunteers helped to collect 9.3 million kilograms (20.5 million pounds) of trash, much of it single-use disposable plastic.

ICC volunteersInnovate’s team was comprised of friends and family. Michele Carneiro, a Proposal Manager with Innovate, participated alongside her mother, husband, and mother-in-law.  “We participated in this event last year and it’s now a family tradition. It was really rewarding to watch my mom’s reaction when she saw all the plastics in the water, it lit a fire. We’re bringing a swimming pool skimmer next year to reach further along the coast!”

“I am frustrated by the lack of action to do better for the environment. This is our home and one of a kind – there is no ‘Plan B’ back-up planet. Events like the International Coastal Cleanup are a much-needed reminder that there are others that care. Every bit helps so thank you!”

Special thanks to the volunteers around the world who participated in the clean-up and to the Ocean Conservancy for organizing the effort!

Ocean Cleanup collageAs a “green” company Innovate! welcomes opportunities to participate in and to help bring awareness about our environment.  We take health and environmental issues to heart.  We sponsor a 501c (3) organization, the Global Cooling Network,, that works to preserve forested land in its natural undeveloped state. We design, develop, and implement systems and processes to monitor environmental risks. We also bring a global, analytical perspective to large-scale threats to human health.

We pride ourselves in being environmentally aware and knowing how we impact the world is indicative of how we live our lives.