Innovate!’s ArcGIS Online Request Tool

Innovate is excited to offer the ArcGIS Online Request Tool among our suite of Esri services. The ArcGIS Online Request Tool is a web-based tool to rapidly provision external user accounts to an ArcGIS Online Organization.

Problem Statement: Currently, users external to an organization’s ArcGIS Online can request access, but the process can be inefficient. After the request, the administrator creates an account, which requires information from the user to set permissions and settings, resulting in a back-and-forth exchange. Additionally, if there is a surge of access requests, it can be difficult for administrators to track all the requests and communications.

Innovate’s Solution: Innovate’s ArcGIS Online Request Tool streamlines the provisioning process for both users and administrators, saving time and creating a consistent, trackable process. New users submit their access request in the Request Tool through a tailored web-form, which collects all the information needed to create the account. The administrator can view a list of all pending accounts and then create accounts and assign them to ArcGIS Online groups. This transparent and trackable process mitigates duplicative accounts, especially during request surges. Additionally, users can use the Request Tool to request access to different groups, simplifying the permissions process for administrators.

Innovate has already rolled out this tool for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to support emergency response events for the 2020 California wildfires. As field crews rotated on and off a response, administrators needed to set up accounts for the crews with short notice to allow them access to ArcGIS Online and update data in real-time. The Tool enabled administrators to respond to the sudden influx of accounts and allow rapid access to 109 new external users to access and update critical data with minimal effort.

Interested in adopting the ArcGIS Online Request Tool for your organization? Contact Frank Roberts at or 703-922-9090 ext. 723 to learn more.