Portfolio-NOAAFisheriesUnder blanket purchase order (BPA) awarded to Innovate! by the Northeast Regional Office of the NOAA Fisheries Service, a task order was issued to modernize Moratorium Qualification and Review System (MQRS) – a legacy data entry application used for managing the fishing rights in the Northeast Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Innovate! went above and beyond the basic requirement of developing a modern web-based version of the legacy application. Innovate! developed an application that was based around business process workflow, built in an extensible manner to address the reality of ever-changing rules and amendments governing the management and transfer of fishing rights in limited access fisheries.

Innovate! also built advanced data quality assurance and reporting tools to analyze two decades worth of data which revealed numerous data quality issues that accumulated over time due to lack of such advanced applications and data quality tools. Innovate! worked closely with the Information Resources Management (IRM) division and the Sustainable Fisheries Division (SFD) as well as others owning related systems to address data quality issues. Innovate! also developed a unique tool to visualize MQRS data to be used in data quality assurance as well as a user interface for understanding MQRS data. Innovate developed a novel poster-sized visualization of MQRS data to illustrate the complex relationships within the data that makes it uniquely difficult to achieve perfect data quality. Innovate! developed the web application using PHP, JavaScript and a number of libraries.

Innovate! also performed Oracle database development ranging from many small scripts to very large (nearly 10 thousand lines of PL/SQL code) and sophisticated set of Oracle packages supporting the web application. Innovate! continues to provide software development and IT help desk support to this client under additional task orders. Supported systems include Avatar (vessel trip reporting), SIMM (Sector Information Management Module), RDS (Research Document System), RCA (reporting Compliance Application), Fish Online, B-WET (NOAA Bay Watershed Education and Training) and others.

Services provided include requirements analysis, data modeling, data mapping, data migration, automated data quality check and assurance, software development (web, user interface, and database), testing, documentation, user acceptance testing and other services as needed.