Portfolio-NCDENRInnovate! managed three projects with the North Carolina DENR from 2003 – 2009, and all three projects used services oriented architecture (SOA), that was developed using Java. All three projects also used Oracle as the backend RDBMS. In addition, Innovate! resources have extensive experience working with Microsoft SQL Server and MS Access.


  • Designed and implemented USEPA CDX and Exchange Network using variety of languages and technologies. USEPA’s CDX Node is implemented using Java J2EE based platform. USEPA CDX Node is a node on the Environmental Exchange Network. It conducts XML exchanges where document sizes have reached 100s of megabytes in size with over 50 partners and over 20 backend systems.
  • Created .NET, C# and VB.NET based reference implementations of the Node.
  • Architected USEPA CDX Node. CDX Node is one of the first Service Oriented Architectures in the country. It went into production in 2003 and currently consists of hundreds of Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) and dozens of SOAP based web services. Our architecture achieved huge savings for the customer, as there are over 30 applications which take advantage of these services over RMI/IIOP and SOAP.
  • Implemented specialized XML parsers to deal with large document sizes in a streaming fashion for National Emissions Inventory (NEI) Dataflow, as well as Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) dataflow
  • Implemented Administration UI for Exchange Network User management, Exchange Network Tools using Java Server Pages and Apache Struts UI framework. Used JavaScript to enhance user experience.

Innovate! implemented and installed Next Generation Node (NGN) on the existing North Carolina DENR Weblogic Application Servers. The NGN provides Exchange Network 1.1 and Exchange Network 2.0 functionality as well as sophisticated workflow and rule engines. Innovate! participated in implementation of custom eDMR application that runs on top of NGN architecture. This application provides a sophisticated user interface and interacts with NC DENR BIMS system to process eDMR data. We implemented dozens of business rules based on NGN Rule Engine as well as custom based workflow for this application.

Innovate! also implemented the infrastructure for TRI, RCRA and and FRS dataflows running on the original Node architecture. Innovate! also performed logical and physical XML mappings from the relational data model to XML.