Innovate! is a small business that specializes in helping government agencies, nonprofits, and higher education institutions transform themselves into more results-oriented, customer-focused organizations. Our four areas of focus in consulting services include Business Consulting, Geospatial Solutions, Information Technology, and Cloud Advisory.

Business Consulting

Innovate!’s impartial and business-focused culture, expertise with facilitation and collaboration, and highly qualified professionals with a diverse set of skills, fosters effective program management practices across business areas and stakeholder groups. Learn more.

Geospatial Solutions

Knowledge of place is a cross-cutting and critical component of business. Innovate! places a premium on the role geospatial data and technology can offer clients to solve specific problems or enhance enterprise operations. Learn more.

Information Technology

Innovate!’s expertise in data collection, management and system integration drives results for our clients. We have desktop, web, and mobile enabled applications that all work against a central data repository, so no matter the device our clients can access the same information. Learn more.

Cloud Advisory Services is the enterprise cloud computing leader allowing companies and organizations to easily manage and track information. Their social and mobile cloud technologies—help companies connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways. Learn more.

Innovate! Business Operations Platform

With the Innovate! Business Operations Platform, we provide a business management platform that enables organizations and their people to increase operational excellence. Learn more.