Why Choose Innovate!

Innovate! specializes in helping government agencies, nonprofits, and higher education institutions transform themselves into more results-oriented, customer-focused organizations. We have provided business consulting to organizations such as the EPA, US Department of the Interior, and FEMA for over 10 years. Unlike other consulting firms, we focus our most senior, expert staff on working for clients directly. For example, on a typical assignment, clients leverage more than 50 years of professional experience.

Innovate! prizes objectivity, independence and neutrality as part of our program management support. To effectively plan for program improvements, clients rely on vendors who can critically assess their problems and supply assessments that are focused on business needs rather than agendas. Our ability to collaborate across diverse stakeholder groups ensures solutions have the best interests of our clients in mind.

Innovate!'s business consulting services include the following areas:

Business Planning and Strategy Development

Planning is integral to a successful business, whether in the federal or the private sector. Innovate! supports both current-year and multi-year operational planning, to ensure that near/mid-term milestones and resource allocations optimize outcomes and anticipate problems that might otherwise compromise success. We also support longer-term strategic planning that starts with defining our client’s mission and vision and then uses such tools as SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and SEPT (Social, Economic, Political and Technological) analyses to map out the way forward from vision to reality. Finally, Innovate documents and tracks a range of business plans– from broad strategic plans to detailed milestones.

Business Cases, ROI Analyses, and Financial Analysis Tools

Innovate! performs business case and ROI (Return On Investment) analyses for federal, state, and local governments. Our business case offerings range from sophisticated, 48-hour “back-­of-­the-envelope” analyses to detailed, in-depth explorations of costs and benefits that may involve five to eight weeks of work. Regardless of approach, Innovate!’s provides decision-makers the data needed to plan the future of their organizations. We have given our clients business case results they have been able to cite in Congressional testimony and our analyses have been repeatedly praised by senior departmental and agency executives.

Business Process Reengineering

The goals of BPR are to increase customer satisfaction, to reduce costs, and to improve operations and efficiency. To achieve these goals, Innovate!’s BPR starts with the perspective of lower/mid-level front-line staff who are intimately involved with operations and are in the best position to know: what happens, what’s broken, and what’s working. This approach provides quick answers to the questions of “what’s wrong?” and “what would make it better” – particularly to workflow and communications between business processes. With these results, Innovate! then presents senior management with a clear picture of current operations, highlighting where there is the need and the opportunity for improvement. Innovate! then facilitates dialogue between all stakeholders to work toward consensus on a practical and achievable “to-be” vision for the organization. Finally, Innovate! develops an implementation plan to take the vision from “to-be” to “as-is” in as simple and straightforward a way as possible.

Strategic Communications and Outreach

Whether it is to support the “next phase of growth,” a new product or service launch, or building brand awareness that positions your organization as knowledge experts and thought leaders, a well-crafted strategic communications plan serves as your organization’s GPS. Communications and Outreach Services Include:

  • Strategic Communications Development-a comprehensive communications plan that includes measurable timelines and ROI metrics as it outlines and identifies scope of work, action items, responsibility, budget, deadlines and deliverables.
  • Digital Outreach-social media, search engine optimization, marketing automation, email campaigns, mobile and SMS outreach–increase your digital footprint, engage your target audience, impact lead generation.
  • Graphics and Design-logo updates, creative, collateral material, printed material, projected visuals, exhibit and display components, multi-media presentations, capabilities statements, content management.
  • Web Design and Development– website updates, new designs, landing pages for projects/products, content management for search engine optimization, web development for user experience, accessibility, security.
  • Branding Strategy-brand awareness, new logos, launch of new product/services, PR, Key Opinion Leader (KOL) positioning.
  • Video Production-informative/educational, TV/Radio promotions, webinars, Infographics animation.
  • Technical and Business Writing/Editing-brochures, case studies, articles, blogs, capabilities/technical reports
  • Conference Planning and Logistics-conferences, events, trade shows, that range from small to over 2,000 attendees, several hours or days, on all levels from planning, logistics, participation, and pre and post event communications and outreach.
  • Information and Communication Management– effective methodology and processes to gather, access, store and disseminate information and data for all internal and external teams and stakeholders.

Project Portfolio Management and Analysis

Project Portfolio Management and Analysis (PPM) As provided by Innovate!’s highly experienced project managers, PPM is a transformative tool for improving an organization’s performance. Innovate!’s approach to PPM integrates the planning and execution of all of an organization’s projects, highlighting project dependencies and redundancies, as well as opportunities to realize economies of scale. In addition, all projects in the portfolio are assessed in terms of their objectives, benefits, costs, achievements, and risks, so that the organization’s investments across the portfolio can be balanced to maximize return. Innovate!’s PPM approach thus enables clients to clarify, and to align their organizations’ investments to their strategic priorities, choosing and executing projects that reflect those priorities and eliminating the projects that do not.

Performance Measures

Innovate! helps organizations achieve measurable business value by establishing and executing Performance Measures processes customized to their projects or programs. The processes include the development of accurate, measurable performance metrics that reflect the interests of all the affected stakeholders. They also include the evaluation of past performance to develop a baseline of current performance scores for the agreed-upon metrics. Once the metrics and baseline are established, Innovate! supports the client’s use performance measurement to move programs and projects forward toward strategic goals.

Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) and Exhibit 300 Support

Exhibit 300s are required for all new or ongoing major investments for which agencies or departments request funding – and projects are funded ONLY if their business cases have been reviewed and approved by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) through the CPIC process. Innovate has supported dozens of agencies and departments in meeting their CPIC requirements. We have completed hundreds of Exhibit 300s for our clients, including the development of all the performance metric data and the alternatives analyses. Innovate! also has extensive experience working with agency/departmental CPIC teams; we know how to minimize the burden of Exhibit 300 production and take our clients’ business cases through the CPIC process to approval.

Executive Coaching

Innovate! provides executive coaching to senior executive service (SES) managers to prepare them for taking on new roles, leading change, and leading new, cutting-edge initiatives. We meet individually with stakeholders to review their goals in both their current position, and more broadly in their development as federal executives. As an added-value, Innovate! staff includes certified Landmark Trainers.

CIO Support

Innovate! assists Federal CIO clients in implementing project management and information management and information technology (IM/IT) strategies, plans, activities, policies, and procedures.  Our integrated approach further increases CIO-level operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and innovation through improved program management support.