Why Choose Innovate!

With our expertise in analytical techniques and data standards, Innovate! ensures that our clients get the full value of their geospatial data and maximize opportunities for data sharing within stakeholder communities. We provide extensive, hands-on support for geospatial application systems and have developed award-winning desktop software extensions. This includes toolkits, dynamic and scalable mapping websites, extremely popular reusable widgets, and secure real-time mobile solutions.


Our staff has close partnerships with top-level Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) developers, giving us unparalleled insight into application advancements and best practices. Innovate owns and maintains an independent, enterprise-class development environment that is capable of rapid prototyping and testing of virtual machine (VM) configurations with the latest Esri geospatial technology, a leader in the imaging industry.  As part of Esri’s Beta Program for acceptance testing of new releases and patches of GIS-related products, our team of subject matter experts have early access to emerging geospatial software solutions and beta-tests; and validate new installs before they affect users.

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Innovate!'s geospatial consulting services include the following areas:

GIS Support

  • Geospatial Policy and Standards Development
  • GIS Helpdesk Support
  • Installation, Licensing, and Debugging

GIS Analysis

  • Image Processing, Multispectral and Hyperspectral Analysis, Multidimensional Rasters
  • Thematic Mapping and Cartographic Design
  • Indoor Facility Mapping

Geospatial Application Development

We own and maintain an independent enterprise-class development environment facilitating rapid prototyping and testing, accelerating application development while ensuring that final products meet client expectationsDesktop Solutions (ArcGIS extensions, scripting/automation, ETL tools)

  • Custom Widgets
  • Web-based Solutions (ArcGIS Server / ArcGIS Online, Google Maps, Bing, OpenLayers)
  • Mobile Solutions (GPS, Smartphone, Tablet)
  • Application Operations and Maintenance – Monitoring and Load Testing

GIS Training

We organize and facilitate outreach and training for users of all skill levels. Our most frequently offered training sessions include:

  • ArcGIS Desktop Training
  • ArcGIS Server Training
  • Geospatial Metadata Training

Geospatial Data and Metadata

  • Geospatial Data Development and Processing (i.e. field data collection, database design and implementation, data publishing via optimized web services)
  • Point cloud data management and feature extraction
  • Geospatial Metadata Portal Implementation and Customization
  • Geospatial Metadata Management, Strategy, and Workflow Training
  • Custom Metadata Software Development
  • Project Open Data and ISO 19115 Implementation

Emergency Response Planning and Preparedness

  • Common Operating Pictures (COPs)
  • 24/7 support for tasks such as GIS analysis, mapping, data processing and programming
  • Visualization, modeling and exploratory analysis using spatial statistics
  • Data collection including remote sensing (spatial, temporal, and spectral)

GIS Enterprise Solutions

Our team plans, designs, and implements GIS solutions throughout entire organizations. We pride ourselves in our innovative, creative, and original uses of GIS across all departments.  Innovate! enables users to take control of their GIS data for a true enterprise solution.

Working with Innovate! is easy.

As a woman and minority owned small business, we are 8(a), WBENC, SWAM certified.