Guam EPA supports the advancement of Guam’s environmental programs that directly benefit the residents of The program has five divisions that carry out the mission and vision of the Agency. These divisions include: Administration, Air and Land Division, Environmental Monitoring and Analytical Division, and the Water Division. Guam and the precious island resources. Guam EPA had no centrally managed geographic information system infrastructure. This lack of structure resulted in reduced data integrity, communication problems, and inconsistent access to critical environmental information. In response to this need, Innovate! developed the Guam Facility Registry System (GFRS) and additional data applications.


The GFRS is a web and mobile based system that provides tools for agency staff to perform their day to day activities of data collection and editing.  The central function of the system is to force users to relate their programs (Hazmat, Solid Waste, Tier II, etc.) data to a common generic entity to ensure the entire agency staff is aware of all information available about any given facility in Guam.  This system increases Guam EPAs real time view of the environment of Guam by visualizing geospatial data via a common dashboard. The newly structured system allows greater sharing of Guam EPAs environmental data both internally and externally to US EPA via the Exchange Network. As a result, stakeholders have a current and clear understanding of the environment of Guam.

To support each division/program’s daily activities and continued maintenance of the data inside their area, Innovate! developed interest tools to enable storage, access, integration, standardization, management and sharing. These streamlined, standardized systems help to facilitate sharing of information between programs at Guam EPA and between Guam EPA and US EPA.  Additionally, the GFRS helps to organize all data and into one secure location that can be routinely backed up.

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