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Business Consulting

People choose us because our expert teams deliver value, enabling the client team to reach their goals. The breadth and depth of our delivery team bring over 50 years of experience to your project.  We have served as trusted advisors to organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the US Department of the Interior, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). We collaborate with stakeholders from the C-suite to the ground level of organizations to truly understand their perspectives and craft solutions that meet their unique needs and priorities. Our private clients include leaders in higher education, financial services, construction management, and technology firms. Leaders choose us because they need to coordinate many moving pieces and align them to serve a cohesive mission/strategic direction.


Strategic Planning

We have experience with current-year and multi-year operational planning to ensure that near/mid-term milestones and resource allocations optimize outcomes. Our team brings extensive multidisciplinary processes to assist our clients in developing a cohesive plan to achieve their goals. We create a deep understanding of our client’s inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes. We will set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant time-bound goals for our clients through our passion for success. 

Business Cases, Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis, and Financial Analysis Tools

Our client’s business case results have been cited in Congressional testimony, and senior departmental and agency executives have repeatedly praised our analyses. We have performed business case and ROI analyses for federal, state, and local governments. 

Depending on your need, our business case offerings range from sophisticated, “back-­of-­the-envelope” analyses that can be turned around quickly to detailed, in-depth explorations of costs and benefits —using such tools as SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) and SEPT (Social, Economical, Political and Technological) analyses to map out the way forward from vision to reality. Regardless of the approach, our team provides you with the data needed to plan for the future. 

Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

The goals of BPR are to increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and improve operations and efficiency. Our team leverages best practices and models from Six Sigma, Lean, and ITIL. These models are customizable and offer value for any organization. The approach to process improvement depends on the organization's culture. Some prefer to start from a clean slate, and some already have ideas for incorporating modifications to existing processes. We work with clients to determine the feasibility of an approach.  We consider how much the organization will accept change and apply change management best practices to support employees throughout the process.


In one example, our BPR will start with the perspective of junior/mid-level front-line staff who are intimately involved with operations and are in the best position to know: what happens, what’s broken, and what’s working. This approach provides quick answers to the questions of “what’s wrong?” and “what would make it better” – mainly to workflow and communications between business processes. With these results, Innovate! Inc. then presents senior management with a clear picture of current operations, highlighting the need, the opportunity, and the business case for change. Innovate! Inc. then facilitates dialogue between all stakeholders to work toward consensus on a practical and achievable “to-be” vision for the organization. Finally, Innovate! Inc. develops an implementation plan to take the vision from “to-be” to “as-is”.

Project Portfolio Management and Analysis (PPM)

We utilize the best practices from PMBOK, Prince II, Agile and Lean. We tailor each to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our PPM approach enables our clients to clarify and align their organizations’ investments to their strategic priorities, choosing and executing projects that reflect those priorities and eliminating the tasks that do not.  


Our highly experienced team provides Portfolio Management and Analysis, a transformative method for improving an organization’s performance. Our approach integrates the planning and execution of an organization’s projects, highlighting project dependencies and redundancies and opportunities to realize economies of scale. In addition, we assess all projects in the portfolio in terms of their objectives, benefits, costs, achievements, and risks so that the organization’s investments across the portfolio are balanced to maximize return. 

Performance Measurement

Our clients benefit from metrics design which informs their data-driven decisions.  The process includes the development of accurate, measurable performance metrics that reflect the interests of all the affected stakeholders. They also evaluate past performance to develop a baseline of current performance scores for the agreed-upon metrics. Once the metrics and baseline are established, we support the client’s performance measurement to move programs and projects toward strategic goals by setting high confidence data-driven decisions.

CIO Support

Our integrated approach increases CIO-level operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and innovation through improved program management support. We help Federal CIO clients implement project management and information management and information technology (IM/IT) strategies, plans, activities, policies, and procedures. 


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