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Salesforce Solutions

Innovate! Inc. has been developing and implementing Salesforce solutions for public and private sector clients since 2008 to solve a multitude of business challenges, including Knowledge Management (KM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and data visualization. We perform consultation, design and implementation services leveraging best-in-class Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions such as Salesforce (Salesforce Partner) and Esri (Silver Partner). We help organizations investigate, conceptualize, and develop strategic solutions to manage their mission requirements and activities. Our solutions produce measurable business impacts including improved constituent/customer experience, increased employee engagement, increased operational efficiencies, and significant reductions in operational costs (FTE and IT).


In addition, Innovate! Inc.’s team includes Salesforce MVP, Certified Salesforce Architects, Consultants, Developers and Administrators, and Certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) who use industry best practices to deliver elite solutions. We have dedicated an entire business unit of our company around PaaS solutions including Salesforce products. Innovate! Inc. is a recognized Salesforce specialist with proven Salesforce expertise and our profile is available on Salesforce’s AppExchange.



Platform Consulting

Innovate! Inc. offers elite consulting services to assist you in optimizing the efficiency and effectiveness of the setup, configuration, administration, and use of the platform. Our approach emphasizes reusing available configurations when possible, minimizing customization, and encouraging the use of best practices in application development for the platform.

  • Optimizing operations, monitoring

  • Documentation

  • Architecture, design, and policies

  • Managing the use of the platform by many different internal and external constituents

  • Optimal structuring of the platform

  • Best practices regarding Salesforce and object strategy

  • Development and implementation of terms of use

  • Planning a data availability and retention strategy & policy

  • Developing and maintaining an exit strategy

Application Development
Innovate! Inc.’s application development services resolve your current and future needs by modernizing workflows, reducing costs, and achieving your short and long-term goals. We own and maintain an independent enterprise-class development environment facilitating rapid prototyping and testing, accelerating application development while ensuring that final products meet your expectations.

Workflow Modernization
We offer a full suite of services to help bring your systems and workflows up to modern standards. Combine all your organization’s disparate filing systems, data, and spreadsheets into a single, easy-to-access system. Transform an unorganized, disconnected series of files into a single source of streamlined information.

Customer Relationship Management
We use Salesforce and other leading CRM tools to help you create an elite customer Stay connected to partners/customers. The industry leader in enterprise cloud computing, Salesforce’s social and mobile cloud platform enables rapid implementation of custom information technology solutions. We work with you to architect, develop and deploy the solution that best suits your organization’s needs.

Visualization / Esri Integration
Innovate! Inc. delivers elite platform integration services. Innovate! Inc.’s Salesforce and Esri integration expertise allows your organization to easily collect and display data, transform operations, and realize the value of your informational assets in new ways. Geospatially enabling your Salesforce data can draw out new insights, make data more transparent, easier to understand, and memorable. Unleashing the power of data visualization offers high-value advantages: complex analysis without tying up staff resources each time, modern data visualizations, tabular data into geospatial presentations, potential real-time data integration, and time and cost savings.

Mulesoft Integration
Is maintaining disparate and legacy backend systems making it difficult to keep pace with changing technology and customer expectations? As your organization adopts new technology, connectivity and integration become increasingly important. Our Mulesoft integration solutions will fuel your digital transformation initiatives. We deliver services that allow you to connect data in new ways, decrease IT project delivery costs, and improve operational efficiency.

Executive Reporting
Executive reporting helps you better understand every key aspect of your business operations, giving you real-time data insights to better inform decision-making. Access to real-time operational metrics adds value by giving executives the right information they need to optimize business performance.

Business Operations Platform

We provide a business management platform that enables organizations and their people to increase operational excellence.

Partnership Implementation Model

Unlike an off-the-shelf application, Innovate! Inc. supports our customers through the full product life cycle; requirement gathering, development, and the implementation process.   Before we even being the process, we schedule a complimentary Demonstration and Consultation session with you.  In this session, we begin to explore what modules would provide your organization with the most value.

Phase 1: Diagnostics. We work with your team to understand your current business processes—what works and what doesn’t.  We assist you in streamlining and documenting your processes.  We’ve learned from personal experience that a good tool on top of an ineffective process is unable to solve the real pain that organizations experience.  By working to understand and improve existing processes, we can assist in identifying and correcting underlining problems.  Additionally, by documenting processes clearly, the system will function to help your team quickly and effectively.

After documenting relevant business processes, we move into Phase 2: Implementation. Typically, we work with an organization to implement 1-2 modules at a time, starting with a pilot program. During this phase, we follow an agile methodology that allows for iterative feedback.  This allows us to quickly respond to new or changing requirements, saving both time and money.  Once we complete and release the pilot to a sample user base, we gather feedback and modify it to incorporate it.

After release, we move into Phase 3: User Adoption and Training. We understand that change can be hard and we work with your team members to minimize the burden and speed the transition.  During this phase, we implement ‘gamification’ and other adoption tactics to assist users in learning the system and begin to utilize it.  The goal of this phase is to train users and ensure maximum value is achieved by the new system in the shortest timeline.

Finally, we move into Phase 4: Evaluation of implementation and determination of next steps. In this phase, we review the module(s) that have been implemented and evaluate the next modules to implement.


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