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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation isn’t a new imperative for business leaders, but COVID-19 has made it more urgent. Our team has been leading digital transformation initiatives for 18 years. We operate right beside you with a team of passionate experts to ensure your success. Our experienced multidisciplinary teams are ready to help you—from embracing new digital capabilities to reimagining how your business operates to launching entirely new digital ventures. Transformations succeed when they are incremental, cost-effective, and sustainable. That means focusing on outcomes: improved processes and other use cases that, one by one, let you build capabilities, business value, and support for the transformation. Our team works with your team to set a new standard of excellence.


Because every organization starts from a different place, you need a partner that starts by understanding your unique needs and then co-creates the plan with you. Innovate! Inc. is an elite digital transformation partner who brings a disciplined mindset to all aspects of our approach and understands that successful digital transformation centers on the strengthening relationship between users’ experience, business objectives, and the organization’s future. Our complete, holistic business solutions empower organizations to adopt and adapt to new and emerging technologies. We help you create new — or change existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing regulatory and business requirements.

Innovate! Inc.'s digital transformation services include the following areas:


Experience Management

  • People are at the heart of everything we do. Our experience designers enhance our capability for understanding your people, and their goals are vital in creating solutions that speed up your digital transformation journey.

  • Innovate! Inc. brings change management, communications, and training best practices together, tailoring our solutions to empower your staff to embrace new solutions and engrain them in your business processes.

  • Your people are your most important asset. They should be part of solution design upfront, not as an afterthought. Involving your users throughout the process helps to build enthusiasm and internal transformation advocates. 

  • We work with clients to create a design that satisfies customer and user needs. Collaborative discussions and socializing project progress with end-users and business sponsors bring attention to the entire journey, not solely on individual touchpoints, and deliver a better experience.

Project Methodologies

  • We have experience with Waterfall, Agile, and Scrum methodologies. We leverage best practices from the PMBOK, Agile, and SCRUM frameworks to tailor a project plan aligned with your needs and styles. 

  • Innovate! Inc. has completed over 100 successful Agile projects for federal agencies that can incorporate feedback and adjust to external pressures.

  • We employ Agile processes which show scalable results quickly, adapt to user needs, and deliver secure solutions on time and within budget.

  • Innovate! Inc.!’s understanding of federal policies and processes further boosts our elite delivery approach, allowing us to integrate with agency teams more quickly, translate business objectives into an implementation plan, and deliver tailored results faster. 


  • Our DevOps combines essential practices like Agile, continuous delivery, and automation under one strategic development center of excellence.

  • Our visionary DevOps leaders are all about empowering developers and operations teams to break down silos and work together to Innovate! Inc. faster.

  • We use several DevOps tools throughout the lifecycle of our project to ensure high quality and collaboration between the development and operations teams with the shortest possible release cycle.

  • Security is a key component in all of our development operations and is applied at all stages of development from the very beginning. At Innovate! Inc. security is the concern of everyone on a project and is woven into both product and process throughout the entire project.

Workflow Optimization

  • We maximize customer value and the flow of that value through end-to-end value streams. Lean practices create the basis for an agile and DevOps way of working. We continuously improve technical delivery processes by minimizing waste, thus creating more value with fewer resources.

  • Our team has an attitude of experimentation that embraces challenges, instead of a culture of presentations and hesitations, keeps our client organizations ready to pivot when confronted with a roadblock.

  • With our team, organizations learn insights quickly and Innovate! Inc. efficiently builds the right software. We create massive value.

Rapid Prototyping

  • We use rapid prototyping techniques to power innovation to optimize the transition from concept to a full-scale model and beyond.

  • We conduct Rapid Prototyping with our high-performing cross-functional teams of designers, developers, architects, and product/business owners that drive different aspects of the development process. We start by creating prototypes of essential components. Our approach combines concepts from Design Thinking, DevOps, and Agile methodologies. We provide different fidelity levels of prototypes depending on your needs to efficiently use resources to deliver results.

Management Reporting and Analytics

  • You will make more data-driven decisions with Innovate! Inc. We improve data quality by understanding employee information needs and then driving to an efficient solution that includes that data. High-quality data then becomes the ingredient in accurate, actionable reporting and analytics. All this combines to give you the best information to support your decision-making.

  • Our team has created dashboards that are in daily use by thousands of professionals.

  • Every week hundreds of managers look to Innovate! Inc.’s clearly and concisely designed reports to keep them on top of all the efforts in their charge.

  • Analytics provides a powerful perspective if you know when and where they should be applied. 


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