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Esri Awards Innovate! Inc. with the ArcGIS Cloud Services Specialty Designation

As one of 13 companies to receive this award, Innovate currently holds the most Esri specialties in the world.

Tuesday, January 24, Washington, DC

Innovate! Inc. (Innovate) is proud to announce that we have earned the ArcGIS Cloud Services Specialty designation from Esri. This specialty designates Innovate as an expert in designing and deploying ArcGIS infrastructure in cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. As one of the latest specialty designations, Innovate joins 12 other Esri partners with the Cloud Specialty designation and demonstrates we are a trusted resource for cloud GIS implementations — from designing a cloud-based architecture, to managing GIS infrastructures over time with managed services and solutions.

“We are excited to obtain the ArcGIS Cloud Services Specialty that reflects our commitment to meeting client demand for solutions that include financial, flexibility, and management advantages offered by being in the cloud. Knowing the strategic importance for our clients, it is massively important for Innovate to have demonstrated this ninja-level of mastery with both GIS and cloud technology while transitioning Esri software, applications, data, and APIs to the cloud.” - Phill Thomas, CEO of Innovate!

To attain this specialty, Esri assessed Innovate’s expertise in the following areas of ArcGIS Cloud services: cloud deployments, system architecture and design, migrations, and managed services. Our deployments of ArcGIS Enterprise in the cloud include routine monitoring and maintenance to allow us to fine tune the system as needed, ensuring reliability and performance. Our system architecture and design experience encompass single machine and multi-machine architectures in both AWS and Azure that are customized to our clients’ specifications. We support all types of migrations including on-premises to cloud provider migrations, ArcGIS Online to ArcGIS Enterprise, and integration with third party providers.

ArcGIS Cloud Solutions by Innovate

With over 10 years of experience providing ArcGIS Cloud consulting services, Innovate is proud to be a trusted resource for a variety of cloud solutions, including:

· Cloud ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online implementation

· Data integration and migration

· System architecture and design

· Enterprise migration

· Security

We use our cloud expertise to assist a variety of clients with a range of projects. Our dedicated team supports our cloud projects from requirements gathering through completion.

About Innovate! Inc

Innovate! Inc. (Innovate) is a certified woman- and minority-owned small consulting firm with an award-winning history of delivering geospatial support services to federal, state, local, and tribal organizations. An Esri Gold Business Partner, we provide the full spectrum of GIS services– from consultation and recommendations to deployment and optimization of system architecture. We help our clients maximize their technology investments and deliver solutions that impact the world to affect positive change. Our expertise in geospatial technology, information technology, cloud, and business management deliver enhanced system clarity, lower operations and maintenance costs, and improved performance.

Contact us today to learn more about how our experts can help move your ArcGIS capabilities to the cloud!



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