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Innovate! Proud to Launch Drone and Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) Services

Innovate announces the launch of our drone and small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) services as a powerful, cost-effective method of aerial data collection. We have FAA Part 107 certified pilots on staff with the skills and know-how to produce a range of products. A drone can generate high-resolution orthoimagery, elevation products, point cloud, 3D models, and other high-resolution static imagery. These products can be used for a variety of purposes, such as inspections, architectural planning, asset inventory and management, and marketing materials. Using drones and sUAS can also drastically reduce costs when compared to conventional surveying inspection or mapping workflows.

Innovate leverages our experience as a geospatial company to provide expertise in post-processing and analysis while maintaining a customer-focused perspective. We have certified staff members with a combined 14 years of piloting experience who can take customers through the process and spectrum of products and help evaluate the best fit for the customer’s needs. Additionally, as an Esri Silver Business Partner, we are experts at Esri technology throughout the drone workflow, from Esri Sight Scan to Drone2Map to ArcGIS Pro. How does it work? First, Innovate performs a project evaluation to understand what the customer wants and determines whether drone services are the best fit. The next stage is flight planning and area of interest selection. Detailed flight planning allows us to estimate flight time and end-product characteristics, such as overlap, resolution, coverage, and ideal ground control point (GCP) placement to improve the accuracy of end products. We then place survey-grade GCPs. After GCP placement, we fly our drones and collect the data. Finally, we process the data and meet back with the client to explain the final products.

For our pilot flight, Innovate’s Max Marno worked with the Community Development Department of the City of Driggs, Idaho to utilize drone services for planning and marketing purposes. The City is developing a new aquatic center to be constructed summer 2021. Using drones at the future site of construction, Max was able to use sUAS to produce several key deliverables for the City. These deliverables included a 3D model for marketing purposes, a digital elevation model (DEM) for architectural planning, and other integral decision-making data on site selection. Wondering how to leverage drone services for your project? For more information, please contact us at or (703) 922-9090.

About Innovate! Inc

Innovate! Inc. is a woman and minority-owned small business passionate about the dynamic benefits of providing effective IT consulting. As enterprise requirements become more complex, business and government must transform the way they operate to ensure all stakeholders’ needs are met. Innovate! builds and delivers customized, integrated GIS & Salesforce solutions to support our clients’ mission-critical mission, systems, people, and our role in your success.

Innovate! is an Esri Gold Business Partner and our CEO is one of only nine members of Esri’s National Government Partner Executive Workgroup. We help our clients maximize their technology investments and deliver solutions that impact health, environment, science, sustainability, community, education, and research to affect positive change. Our expertise in geospatial technology, information technology, cloud, and business management ultimately delivers enhanced system clarity, lower operations and maintenance costs, and improved performance. Innovate! is a fast-paced, rapidly growing group of entrepreneurs creating a culture of excellence. Rapid advancement within our organization is not only possible, it is encouraged.



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