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Innovate’s Core Values in Action: Employee Satisfaction Survey Results

Employee satisfaction is more than a metric at Innovate – it is part of our company culture. More than ever, Innovate continues to focus on our company culture. Working together, we have created an organization that can be an example of what is possible when value is placed in people. Innovate’s three core values are:

  • Love and Value Human Beings

  • Just Let Me At It

  • It’s Personal

The Innovate Leadership Team intentionally crafted these values, not as something that would translate commercially, but as core principles that deeply resonated. “It took us a while to pick those because we wanted something that really, really called to ourselves; that meant something to each of us when we were doing it. At the end, what we got were heartfelt. Even though you don’t see it out there very often as the typical core values and mission, this is what really called to us; this is who we really are,“ Lily Thomas, Innovate President.

In our 2021 Employee Satisfaction Survey, we are proud to highlight what our employees had to say about being part of team Innovate!

I have someone at work who has my back? 95% answered yes!

Monica Hager, Proposal Manager, “My 7-year tenure at Innovate! Inc. has been the most extraordinary experience of being loved and valued as a human being. At Innovate, the focus is on the intrinsic opportunities at hand to be creative, be resourceful, take initiative, take risks, risk failing, provide leadership—no matter how big or small the task—while at the same time nurturing, challenging, respecting, trusting, and empowering each other. ‘What do you need’ and ‘how can I help’ are questions I often hear, and often ask. We work as ‘we,’ – a team, not ‘I’ versus ‘them’.”

In the past year have you had opportunities to grow and develop new skills? 100% answered yes!

Bryce Bradshaw, Junior GIS Technician, who has been with Innovate for almost 2 years, “I like working here because I am constantly able to learn new skills.”

Lisa Jackson, Senior GIS Analyst, “I have learned so much since joining Innovate. Even more important, I am supported, encouraged, and valued for my skills and expertise. The culture of our remote workplace has given me the flexibility to grow and learn in so many ways.”

In the last 6 Months has someone at work talked to you about your progress? 95% said yes

Rachel Guinn, System Administrator and Org Salesforce Support CAS/BMC, “It’s refreshing to have regular meetings with key people on my team that will give me constructive criticism and help me grow as well as review all the progress made over time. It really helps!”

Hilary Kelly, Operations Manager for CAS/BMC, “Innovate’s leadership is very committed to investing in their employees. Whether in the form of financial contributions, paid time, mentorship, or stretch opportunities, they ensure the whole team has support and multiple avenues to continue growing personally and professionally. In line with the firm’s values, they also take the time to individually recognize each team member’s accomplishments and celebrate their success. This collective commitment to skills development and growth is not only a key part of our culture, it is also essential to maintaining elite delivery for our clients.”

Is there someone at work who encourages your development? 86% said yes

Amanda Knight, GIS/IT Project Coordinator, has been part of the Innovate team since 2017. “The Innovate IT team is amazing at what they can do and pull off. Always super impressed with the way we inspire each other to fulfill our goals, I now have my Bachelor’s Degree!”

Nancy Vosburgh, Project Manager for CAS/BMC, “Over the past 9 years, Innovate has provided me unwavering support to grow my skills and build the career I envisioned for myself. The most important light guiding my journey has been learning from Innovate’s tireless leadership team, my wildly smart co-workers, and our passionate clients.”

Does your supervisor or someone at work seem to care about you as a person? 100% said yes.

Mark Gordon, SharePoint Developer for CAS/BMC, “I started working with Innovate in early 2016. Prior to that, I was a traveling consultant working just about everywhere for everyone. Unfortunately, during that time, I felt very little care from management or my employers in general. Day to day life was all about deadlines, deliverables, and budget. I’m now part of an ever-growing family of Innovators, supported by our management in ways I never thought possible. In fact, words like management are rarely even spoken because it’s unnecessary. Here, your manager is your teammate that makes sure you have what you need to Innovate!”



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