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Trust for Public Lands' (TPL) ParkServe® Updated Release

Innovate is excited to announce the release of the updated Trust for Public Lands' (TPL) ParkServe®, a mapping platform used to help address park needs, climate, equity, and health. ParkServe® helps millions of users locate nearby parks to enjoy. It is used by a wide range of stakeholders – from city planners working to identify new park sites to local communities advocating for park access. ParkServe® provides key data to the public for every urban area in the U.S., including Puerto Rico.

With a large volume of data and variety of users, TPL wanted to improve ease of use through increased customizability and performance of ParkServe®. Innovate's team of visual design and geospatial experts helped update the ParkServe® UI/IX using ArcGIS Javascript API version 4.x to create easy access to data and a user-friendly interface. By implementing Park Priority Area sliders, users can now instantly visualize how different variables (e.g., population density, air pollution, and lack of physical activity) can affect the need for a park in a specific geographic area. Also, users can now draw their own parks or trails to see how access to a new recreational resource impacts their city and population.

Special thanks to the TPL for bringing more parks to people and ensuring healthy, livable communities for generations to come. Innovate is proud to help support your mission!



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