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Green Halloween – Living Green and Being Environmentally Conscious

Innovate! values our environment and leads by example of what it means to operate a “green” and environmentally conscious organization. In partnership with the Global Cooling Network, an Innovate! sponsored 501(c)3 non-profit, we hosted our annual “Green Halloween” event. This annual celebration has grown in popularity each year bringing together our partners, clients, agencies, and friends to network while enjoying each other’s company. There is a “green” theme, displaying and offering natural, local and green alternatives for hosting a party.

Propelled by the “green” mission, in 2010, Innovate founded the Global Cooling Network to reflect Innovate!’s commitment to our planet. Voluntary donations were collected to support the Global Cooling Network in support of our mission to preserve forested lands in their natural, undeveloped state. At this year’s event we shared food, sampled hand-picked tequilas, and enjoyed conversations with all who attended! To learn more about the Global Cooling Network, visit our website,

Suggestions for celebrating a Green Halloween:

  • Turn cardboard boxes into tombstones.

  • Make a game of turning old clothes into costumes.

  • Buy locally produced foods, candies and treats.

  • Use (& decorate) a pillowcase to collect candy.

  • Grow your own pumpkins for carving & eating!

  • Reuse as much as you can from year to year.

Thanks for coming out and we hope to see you next year! Happy (Green) Halloween!


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